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We got over 500 signatures on a petition to Scarborough Borough Council asking them to resist fracking in the Council's area. As a result the subject was discussed at a meeting of the Council's Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee. We are working on the campaign against fracking in conjunction with Frack Free Scarborough.  Our members have attended meetings and demonstrations, stood on stalls and written letters and emails. 

Save Street Trees.

Current North Yorkshire County Council policy is not to plant trees within 12 feet of the centre of the highway. This effectively means that when a street tree has to be removed for safety reasons, the space remains bare.

Street trees are important. They look beautiful and relieve stress. They clean the air and provide a home for wildlife. They provide shade in hot weather, and they catch rain as it falls, helping to prevent flash flooding.

We want the County to change its policy and plant suitable trees in the right places in our streets.

At the Urban Area Forum meeting in June 2013, Green Party members Mark Vesey and Dilys Cluer extracted a promise from all 5 County Councillors on the platform that they would try to change the County's Tree Policy to allow the planting of more street trees. This has not yet been done and any Greens elected to the County Council will make this one of their aims.

20 mph in urban areas.

We want the County to set a speed limit of 20 mph on all residential roads in urban areas. This would reduce accidents, deaths and serious injuries and would not make much difference to journey times. When applied to a whole urban area, this policy would not require the use of speed humps, so drivers could travel smoothly at 20 mph and emergency vehicles would not be impeded.

We are pleased to note that the local Labour Party followed our lead and included a 20 mph limit on their campaign leaflets for the County Council elections.


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