What have Green Councillors ever done for me?

Dilys Cluer was a Green Party Councillor from 2007 until retiring in 2019. She worked hard on committees and sub-groups as well as helping people in her ward. Work included:

Getting the Council to declare a Climate Emergency (2019)

Getting other motions through the Council, and subsequent action to reduce single use plastics (2018)

During the civic year 2018-2019, Dilys served as Deputy Mayor.

Chairing the Task Group which in 2008-9 produced a Sustainability Policy for the Council, and subsequently chairing the Sustainability Working Group which drives all kinds of sustainability in ithe Council.

Chairing the Mayoralty Task Group which recommended economies in the budget for the Mayoralty.

Active membership of the Manor Road Nursery Task Group.

Helping to preserve the green space opposite the Sands at Peasholm Gap, and to prevent a large area of the beach in front of the Spa being covered by concrete steps. 

Speaking out early against the proposed move from the Town Hall, which was finally ditched.

Helping to establish the Choices4Energy advice service which enabled many residents to save energy and money.

Raising questions about sea pollution in Cornelian Bay which led to more openness from Yorkshire Water.

Helping to spur the Council to investigate the risks of fracking.


Mark Vesey was a Green Party Councillor from 2015 until 2019. He stood for election mainly because of the lack of transparency and communication with SBC councillors. He fully involved himself on many committees and sub-groups. Work included:

Improving communication with the public by distributing ward newsletters to every home in the ward, always replying to emails, calls and letters and also by summarising every meeting in an online Facebook page.

Pushing through a Climate Emergency proposal thus committing SBC to create and enact a plan to reduce CO2 by 80% in ten years. 

Supporting a new SBC Plastic’s Policy to reduce the use of SUPs (Single Use Plastics) in SBC and the borough.

Chairing three public meetings looking at the Harbour strategy and the need for investment and redevelopment.

Chasing up SBC and the Environment Agency over pollution issues in a local stream and pond as well as in the South Bay seawater.

Supporting one group in creating a new footpath and a mosaic artwork.

Supporting two local community groups in their fight to oppose huge planning developments in the area and to be kept better informed about SBC’s ongoing projects. 

While being an observer on the Raincliffe Woods Development Committee, he helped to plant 3000 new trees creating an ‘Armistice Wood’ to mark the centenary of the end of world war one.

Voting against the demolition of the Futurist

Being against the closure of public toilets and tourist information offices.

Helping a local group collect plastic waste off the beach in summer and organising with a local artist and Green Party member Gaby Naptali to get the waste made into a sculpture that was put on display in half a dozen public spaces. 

Organising a ‘Love your street tree’ day in Royal Avenue and speaking to a group of schoolchildren about the importance of planting trees.

Giving talks about his work at the Council to several community groups.

Expressing deep reservations about supporting the Local Plan to build 10,000 new homes in the borough.

Campaigning against the national speedboat races proposed for the South Bay.


Jonathan Dixon was a Green Party member of Scarborough Borough Council from 2006 - 2011 did a lot of work including:

Chairing a Task Group which recommended sustainability and Fair Trade criteria for food and beverages served at the Town Hall  - see item Hj of the Council Meeting April 2007

Suggesting and chairing a Task Group on Allotments  - see Cabinet Agenda item from April 2011

Being a member of the Cabinet with responsibility for Housing, Public Health,  Property Maintenance  and Sustainability.

Being a key player in the group suggesting revisions to the Council Constitution which were needed following the government's requirement for a Council to elect a Strong Leader (if not an executive mayor). Jonathan persuaded the Council to prescribe a proportional system of voting for the Strong Leader - see item 7c of Council meeting February 2011


Nick Harvey who was a Green Party Councillor from 2009 to 2012 did a tremendous amount of work for his constituents in Hertford Ward including campaigning for better public transport and trying to save the library and clinic services, getting more recycling opportunities in Hunmanby and ensuring they were correctly sited, personally clearing leaves and snow and taking up a lot of individual casework.

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