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The next Local Elections will be the County/Unitary Elections in 2022. Watch this space for updates about our candidates and how we plan to work for you!


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Candidate bios 2019 SBC election


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Councillor Will Forbes


Will Forbes wearing a suit jacketWill Forbes is the Green Party's lead Councillor. He has lived in Scarborough for five years with his partner and works as an architectural product designer. Will is passionate about Scarborough. He is keen to preserve green spaces and historic buildings and to make sure decent housing is available for those who need it. From littering and dog mess to the climate change emergency, Will can work effectively with the Council to improve the lives of those living and working in the area.

Will can be contacted on 07854 650344 or weforbes@greenparty.org.uk


Will Forbes was elected with 822 votes




Councillor Neil Robinson


Neil RobinsonNeil Robinson is a Councillor in his area, where he lives with his wife and 2 youngest children.

Neil has lived in Scarborough since 1992 and works as a Radiographer at Scarborough Hospital. He moved to Australia with his family in 2008 and returned to Scarborough in 2013.

Neil is actively engaged with local environmental issues such as the fight against the fracking industry, and the need to improve Scarborough as a place to live and work. He has a strong interest in environmental issues and feels that it is now imperative that we see a change in attitude toward climate change and sustainability. Neil can be contacted on 07732302278 or neil.robinson2@greenparty.org.uk


Neil Robinson was elected with 856 votes.



Campaign Champion Nicola Elson


Nicola Elson


Nicola Elson lives in Scarborough not far from the Falsgrave and Stepney ward and is part of the team supporting the Green Councillors there. She works part-time as a tutor for children who are not in school for medical reasons, which she finds very rewarding, and is parent to a 15 year old. She loves living in Scarborough and works to support the environment and community where she can. To this end she volunteers with the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers when time allows, and more recently with AgeUk, to support elderly people through self isolation. Nicola was actively involved in the campaign against fracking at Kirby Misperton.  In any spare time she has you will find her on her allotment at Sandybed Lane.








Campaign Champion Charlotte Bonner


Charlotte B.Charlotte is standing for the Weaponness and Ramshill ward where she lives with her husband, daughter and goldfish. Charlotte works for the NUS, working to ensure all students leave their education with the skills, values, knowledge and attributes needed to be part of a sustainable and just future. She's passionate about Scarborough being a great place to live and visit (which she already thinks it is but is always striving for excellence!). Other areas of particular interest to her are quality education, political transparency, sustainable transport and a quality, public NHS. You can contact her on 07816181417 or charlotte.bonner@gmail.com




Charlotte Bonner came a close fourth with 703 votes.






David King

David KDavid King is a retired cooperatives administrator who has stood for the Green Party in local elections on several occasions and was treasurer of York Green Party for ten years. He was also treasurer of the York Fellowship (Rethink Mental Health) and of the Clementhorpe Community Association. A lifelong member of the Green Party and of CND, he helped establish a Friends of the Earth group in Ryedale, before moving to Scarborough several years ago. Having been a vegetarian restaurant pioneer in York and subsequently administrator and factotum in a wholefoods cooperative, he is particularly interested in food policy and the role of food in health, and in animal welfare. He is a keen gardener and crossword compiler.



David King came fourth with 432 votes


Danby & Mulgrave

Margaret Jackson

Margaret JMargaret has been a GP in local general practice for nearly 25 years. She is passionate about this beautiful and diverse planet that we call home and increasingly concerned about the evolving climate emergency that we face. She believes that the Green Party, as a progressive organisation, has ideas and policies that can help us towards a better future.

In the Danby and Mulgrave ward, if elected, she would work towards-

  • achieving a sustainable waste management strategy

  • enforcing environmental aspects in planning regulations including roads and public transport infrastructure in order to improve the provision of public transport which is so poor in our rural wards and to maximise safe walking and cycling locally

  • encouraging businesses and individuals to move away from single-use plastic.

As a Scarborough Borough Council Green Party representative she would work to encourage the Borough Council to honour and properly resource the Climate Emergency pledge that it has taken.Margaret can be contacted on 01947 603 897 or at margaretjackson@phonecoop.coop


Margaret Jackson came third with 380 votes


Derwent Valley & Moor

Dr Magnus Johnson

Magnus J.Magnus is a professional environmental marine biologist, previously based at Scarborough Campus, now working at the University of Hull. He has lived in Hackness for over 10 years and is married with two children who go to Scalby School. A member of Slow Food and on the board of the Holderness Fishing Industry Group he is passionate about local and sustainable food production. In his spare time he runs, cycles, does what he is told in the garden and can sometimes be found litter picking around Hackness. In his professional opinion he thinks we are facing a global environmental crisis and everyone, whatever their political persuasion, needs to start taking action now. Magnus can be contacted on 01723 882 004 or at m.johnson@hull.co.uk


Magnus Johnson came third with 445 votes




Helen Kindness

Helen K.Helen lives in Scarborough with her husband and young children. Having chosen to stay at home and look after the family she has now returned to work part time at a Scarborough Nursery. She is an enthusiastic gardener and food grower.

She is currently a Parent Governor at her children's primary school and has previously stood as a local Green Party Candidate for both the County and Borough Council. Helen can be contacted on 01723 379 228 or at panamahelen@hotmail.com


Helen Kindness came fourth with 545 votes






Gaby Naptali

Gaby N.


Gaby is a leading light in the local campaign against fracking and climate change and an inspiring role model with excellent communication skills. She has been a Green Party member for several years and has been a candidate before. She is committed to community and works as an artist, often leading groups making mosaics.


Gaby Naptali gained 313 votes









Sara Fenander

Sara is a former professor of Russian, Sara moved to Scarborough fifteen years ago with her husband and young sons, who are now at university and the sixth form college. She volunteers with SJT Outreach and the Conservation Volunteers and cultivates an allotment. A former school governor, she maintains a lively interest in education and is keen to help make the world fit for children to grow up in.


Sara Fenander came fourth with 424 votes.




Whitby West Cliff

Howard Green

Howard G.Howard's family name, Green, was an arbitrary name assigned to his family on entry to England sometime in the early 20th century after being expelled from eastern Europe (for being Jewish). He would like to think that the UK would still be a refuge if such circumstances were to recur. He only recently moved to Whitby in his retirement with his wife having formed a love of the area over many years of visiting in-laws in Robin Hoods Bay. He is an unrepentant tree-hugger.


 Howard Green gained 196 votes.



Chris Phillips

Chris P.Chris is a retired teacher and educational book salesman. His many interests include philately, gardening, photography, nature, social justice, Green politics and making friends around the world via the internet. He is an experienced candidate who wants to make a difference both locally and globally. Chris can be contacted on 01723 368475 or at chris@philatelic.org.uk


Chris Phillips gained 388 votes.



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