Neil Robinson and Will Forbes - two new Green Councillors elected

10 May 2019

Neil Robinson and Will Forbes came top of the poll in the new Falsgrave and Stepney ward in the Scarborough Borough Council elections in May 2019. They are getting down to work straight away and being supported by previous Green councillors Dilys Cluer and Mark Vesey who opted not to stand for re-election. Priorities will be forming good working relationships with officers and other councillors in the new Council, and following up on the motions on single use plastics and on the climate emergency which were passed by the previous Council after being proposed by the Greens. Eleven Greens stood in the SBC elections. As well as Neil and Will coming top, six others came just behind those elected: David King in Castle, Margaret Jackson in Danby & Mulgrave, Magnus Johnson in Derwent Valley & Moor, Helen Kindness in Newby, Sara Fenander in Scalby and Charlotte Bonner in Weaponness & Ramshill. Charlotte missed out by only 38 votes.

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