Newsletter Delivery Resumes

30 August 2020

Scarborough Greens are delighted to have started delivering their first ward newsletter since lockdown.

The party likes to deliver newsletters regularly to keep residents in touch with what they are doing in the community and on the Council and to give information which may be useful. However at lockdown this ceased.  An edition was published online, but this will have been seen only by those who searched for it.

Dilys Cluer commented, 

"We're delighted that we are now able to deliver newsletters again.  Our helpers have been asked to do this in a Covid-secure way, keeping their distance from people, using hand sanitiser frequently and wearing masks if using intercoms or entering blocks of flats.

"According to the WHO, the risk of virus transmission by printed materials is pretty low anyway, and we believe it is important that residents receive local information which can be interesting and useful to them.  Moreover, it is important to continue democratic processes through the pandemic and keep everyone 'in the loop'."

If there is another lockdown, the party may publish another online-only newsletter. All newsletters from 2020 are accessible by clicking here.


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