No to fossil fuel development!

25 November 2020

Testing of a possible gas field in the sea off Scarborough should not go ahead, according to Scarborough and Whitby Green Party.

Members condemned the move in view of the climate emergency. With the effects of global heating already evident in widespread extreme weather and melting of the ice near the poles, experts agree that we must reduce our carbon emissions as quickly as possible and leave many known oil and gas reserves in the ground.  

Dilys Cluer, who piloted a Climate Emergency declaration through the Council in 2019, said,

"It is shocking that exploration of new reserves of fossil fuels is even allowed. A climate emergency has been recognised nationally and internationally, yet we are still contributing recklessly to the problem.  Campaigners still have a lot of work to do.

"At a local level this cannot even be touted as creating jobs,  whereas offshore wind has already created some jobs in our borough related to servicing the wind farms."

Cllr Will Forbes said:

“I completely oppose any action by Shell to further the possibility of fossil fuel extraction anywhere in or near our borough. 

"While the council has no jurisdiction to take action against this, I will actively pursue a resolve through all channels available and encourage all residents to do the same.”


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