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Scarborough Greens join Hull anti-fracking demo

25 August 2014

Four members of Scarborough Green Party travelled to Hull on Saturday (23rd August) to join a demonstration against fracking.

 Chris, Dilys & Gaby after demo

Chris, Dilys and Gaby relax after the demo

Fracking is a method of getting gas out of shale deep underground. It normally involves drilling deep down and then horizontally through the shale layer, and injecting under pressure millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and chemicals to split the rock and get the gas out.

In the United States it has been practised for a number of years and has caused huge problems for people's health and pollution of the air and water.  Although it would be more tightly controlled in the UK, the Green Party and other opponents are still deeply concerned about possible pollution of air and water, about the sheer volume of water to be used and the amount of traffic to and from sites.

The Greens also maintain that it is madness to search for yet more fossil fuels,  when burning more than around 61% of reserves already known will cause runaway climate change.

The demonstrators marched round Hull city centre with placards and handed information leaflets to shoppers, before a short rally with speakers including some who have been monitoring potential fracking sites locally.

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