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Green Party Co-leader Jonathan Bartley visited Scarborough

22 September 2016

Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley visited Scarborough on Monday 26th September, less than a month after being elected to the post.

 He talked with local Green Party Parliamentary Candidate David Malone, helped the local campaign against fracking, met and worked with local party members and visited areas of Stepney Ward.

With the threat to local water courses, additional vehicle movements , earth tremors and the wider impact on our climate, Fracking is becoming a key local concern. The Green Party is working closely with Frack Free Scarborough, who have collected many signatures on a petition against fracking.

The threat of Fracking to our local communities is growing around the North of England but in North Yorkshire in particular. Conservative-led  North Yorkshire County Council has approved Fracking at Kirby Misperton despite thousands of objections.

Jonathan Bartley, David Malone, Dilys Cluer and group

Speaking to a rally of anti-fracking campaigners outside the Town Hall, Jonathan Bartley said:

"We are at a huge moment in the energy policy of this country, and this is the forefront of where it's happening.   The Green Party, and all the anti-fracking campaigners outside the Green Party, are winning the argument.”

"Theresa May has been dragging her heels but she has finally said the UK will ratify the Paris Climate agreement from last year.  And she knows that we cannot meet our climate change targets by digging up fossil fuels - we have to keep them firmly in the ground.  So that is what this petition is saying, that is what we are supporting as the Green Party, that is what we are working on now as a cross-party movement.

"So it's just the Conservatives now that we have to beat, and this petition is going to the right place." He then presented the petition to Cllr. Janet Jefferson, who said it would be a pleasure to take it to County Hall.



Published and promoted by Dilys Cluer for Scarborough and Whitby Green Party,  both 19 Alexandra Park Scarborough YO12 5JN


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