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Green Party Euro Election Newspapers Delivered

7 April 2014

Around 8,000 Green Party newspapers for the European Elections are being delivered by local members and supporters in the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale area.

Published by the Green Party in Yorkshire and the Humber, the newspaper features the candidate team and includes an interview with lead candidate Andrew Cooper. It highlights what Greens in the European Parliament are already doing and gives examples of policies and local actions.

The front page also reminds people that these elections use proportional representation.

"It's very important to remind voters of this," said Cllr Dilys Cluer, who is organising the distribution in her area.

"If everyone who likes Green Policies actually votes Green, we could get a Green MEP elected for this area and help bring more funding for the local green economy, helping local businesses. 

"To get a member elected we would need about 10% of the vote, and that should be achievable."

The local party is pleased with the turnout of helpers, including some new young members and other supporters. Pictured below is part of one of the leafleting parties before setting out.

Euro leafleting group

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