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Local membership growing fast

23 May 2014

Since the last part of 2013, members and supporters have been registering with the Green Party at an accelerating rate.

Membership regionally has increased by 15% since the start of 2014 and our own local party has gained 12 new members. Attendance at meetings is high and we had probably the highest ever number of people helping the party in the run-up to this year's elections.

"There's a real buzz in the party," says local co-ordinator Dilys Cluer.  "People are appalled by the actions (and lack of action) of the government on social and environmental issues - several people have been impelled to join us because of their concern over fracking, as we are the only party actively opposing it.

"The old 'grey' parties have no idea how to work for the real welfare of planet and people, and the new 'yellow and purple' face at the party is really no different, playing on people's insecurities yet ready to hand over our future to big business and the ravages of climate change.

"The only hope of a safe future is a Green one, and people are increasingly realising that to get there, we have to actively work for it."

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