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Greens join 38 Degrees in leafleting against TTIP (Transatlantic Tade and Investment Partnership)

25 August 2014

Local Greens joined other campaigners from "38 Degrees" on Saturday 30th August to raise awareness of a damaging EU-US trade agreement which is being negotiated behind closed doors. Campaigners held a stall and distributed leaflets in Scarborough.

 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could see some of Europe's most vital legislation eroded. Protection for the environment, public services, workers' rights and food safety are just some of the areas under threat. One part of the trade agreement, the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) would allow transnational corporations to sue our government if our legislation threatens their future profits.

Matthew Toseland, Green Party activist and TTIP campaigner, said,

"Very few people know about TTIP but it's one of the most pressing issues we face. Imagine Britain being sued by an American fossil fuel company because our carbon emission targets threaten their profits. Imagine our supermarket chiller cabinets being stocked with imported chicken pumped full of hormones and washed in chlorine. Imagine being unable to bring our rail, energy and NHS back in to public ownership. That's the future we could face."

"Greens in Europe are fighting the agreement but Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats all support it. It's down to the public to raise awareness and do everything we can to make sure TTIP doesn't get through".

Green Councillor Dilys Cluer added,

"The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership proposals directly threaten our democracy and put corporate profits above our right to choose our own laws. This must be stopped. I'm very glad we supported the initiative by 38 Degrees.

"When we spoke to people in the street about this, very few of them were aware of it, but once they had been told the implications, most of them were keen to sign the petition against TTIP."

Scarborough Green Party is organising a public meeting about TTIP on Wednesday 1st October at 7 pm at Scarborough Library, when local parliamentary candidate David Malone will speak about 'The Death of Democracy'.

  • There's information about the European Greens' TTIP campaign, 'Beware what lies beneath', here:


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