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31 January 2015

Green Party membership in Scarborough Borough has more than doubled over the past year, it was announced at the local party's Annual General Meeting.


The meeting, which was attended by a record number of people, heard that the "Green Surge" had brought in almost a quarter of the total membership in the past week.

Green Party Councillor and retiring coordinator Dilys Cluer said:

"The publicity around the TV debates has made people realise that we are a viable alternative. Some new members mention disillusionment with the so-called main parties. They are drawn to the Green Party's mix of fair social policies and concern for the world we live in. Others are those who have been Green in belief for some time and have finally decided to join up.

"I'm also delighted with the attendance at the AGM and the fact that we were able to appoint fresh faces to many of the posts which the local party needs."

New Press Officer Deborah Theaker added,

"Nationally, Green Party membership is now ahead of both UKIP and the Lib Dems. Locally we have grown so much that the Thirsk and Malton constituency now has its own party, and in the SBC area we are having monthly discussions in Whitby as well as in Scarborough." "Last year we had 59 members and despite losing 19 to form the new Thirsk and Malton group we now have 105 members in the Scarborough & Whitby area."

The local party selected a parliamentary candidate, David Malone, back in 2013 and is hoping to field a candidate in every ward in the Council elections in May.

Any enquiries can be sent to Coordinator Peter Jordan, 19 Sandybed Crescent YO12 5LS Telephone 01723 373554 or the Press Officer Deborah Theaker 01947 811924.





Contact: Deborah Theaker 01947 811924


Published and promoted by Deborah Theaker for Scarborough and Whitby Green Party, both at Kingswood, The Avenue, Sleights, Whitby YO22 5BS



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