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Party Split is Good News

28 November 2014

Party Split is Good News

The local Green Party is pleased to announce that it has split.

Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Green Party on 27 November agreed formally to release the Ryedale District part of its area to the newly formed Thirsk and Malton Green party.

The Thirsk and Malton Green Party had its inaugural meeting on 22nd November and will cover the whole of the Thirsk and Malton constituency apart from the wards of Filey and Hertford, which belong to Scarborough Borough Council and will remain with the Scarborough and Whitby Green Party.

Thirsk and Malton Green Party Press Officer Martin Brampton said:

"Green Party membership is rocketing, especially in Yorkshire, where it has more than doubled this year. New members often mention disillusionment with the so-called main parties. They are drawn to the Green Party's mix of fair social policies and concern for the world we live in. Locally, moves to frack for gas pose many risks that are worrying members."

Scarborough and Whitby Green Party co-ordinator Dilys Cluer said:

"We're delighted that Thirsk and Malton constituency members now have their own party and we're sure their enthusiasm will lead to further success. We've renamed our party 'Scarborough and Whitby Green Party' to reflect the new situation and are confident that with the surge in members, our membership at the next AGM will be greater than at the last even after transferring the Ryedale members to the new party."

The two parties will co-operate closely.  Both will be fielding parliamentary candidates and many local council candidates in the elections next year.


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