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Greens promise help on sea pollution

17 March 2014

Cllr. Dilys Cluer,  Cllr. Andrew Cooper (Green Party lead candidate for the European elections) and David Malone (Green Parliamentary Candidate, Scarborough & Whitby) met fisherman Bob Roberts to hear his concerns about pollution from an outfall pipe from McCains Foods.

They heard that McCains contracted Yorkshire Water to deal with the waste, but that Bob was particularly concerned that the level of ammonia issuing from the pipe was too high and the effluent was too hot.  He told the Green Party representatives that the fish stocks in the area between the Castle headland and Filey Brigg had deteriorated far more than in the rest of the local area.

Bob Roberts produced some pictures taken last year when there was a leak in the pipe, to demonstrate the kind of effluent issuing from the pipe, and we show here the three Greens with those photos.

Dilys, David and Andrew with photos


Since that meeting,  Cllr Cluer has raised the question at Scarborough Borough Council and a meeting of relevant Councillors and officers is planned to pursue the matter further.


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