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The Death of Democracy

5 September 2014

Green Parliamentary candidate David Malone will give a talk on 'The Death of Democracy' in Scarborough on Wednesday 1st October.

This will explain the seriousness of the threat from the innocently named Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).  David says,

"Do you think it is right that global corporations should be given the right to sue this nation if they think a law our government passes could affect their business in a way they don’t like?

"Well, that is what the TTIP Trade Agreement, being negotiated largely behind closed doors and now going through parliament for approval, would allow. And ALL the other parties, Tory, Labour, Lib. Dem. and UKIP, are in favour of it. The Green Party is the ONLY party to have clearly said this agreement - which would sign away a huge part of our sovereignty and right to set our own laws as we see fit - is wrong

"Under TTIP we would not be able to change or tighten any regulation that would affect the profits of a global corporation. If we did and they objected, they would be able to take this country to what the TTIP calls ‘binding arbitration’, where three unelected, unaccountable international lawyers would sit in closed session, behind closed doors as judge and jury. Under the TTIP agreement, whatever they decided, you would have no right of appeal whatsoever. Is this what you think is right?"David Malone

Come to the small meeting room upstairs in Scarborough Library, Vernon Road, Scarborough on Wednesday 1st October at 7 for 7.15 to hear David speak and ask him questions. Hot drinks will be available.

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